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Xtreme Lashes

Eye Wash Solution

Eye Wash Solution

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Keep a bottle at every application work station to quickly irrigate and relieve discomfort if irritants, debris, or even adhesive accidentally enters the eye. Tilt client's head to the side and flush in the direction of the ear, away from the client's face.

Manufacturer's usage instructions can be found on the bottle.

  • Ensure that an entire sterile bottle is used. Never store or reuse an opened bottle.
  • Always rinse skin with water if it comes into contact with any Eye Wash Irrigation Solution to reduce the chance of irritation.
  • This eye wash is intended to irrigate the eye of irritants only. It is not to be used as part of the routine cleansing process.
  • To correctly cleanse and rinse eyelashes and skin during an application, use the Xtreme Lashes Eye Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser and water.


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